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" Staring At The Sun" (Polydor Records)
Staring At The Sun
Release Date: September 1988
Format: Catelog #
Cassette: POLHC 50
Compact Disc: 837 247-2

More Detailed info:

1988 Polydor Limited (UK)

Album Notes:
Mark King - Vocals, Bass,
Mike Lindup - Vocals, Keyboards
Gary Husband - Drums
Alan Murphy - Guitar
Wally Badarou - Keyboards
Dominic Miller - Guitar
Krys Mach - Saxophones
Steve Sidwell - Horns

Produced by Level 42, Wally Badarou and Julian Mendelsohn
Recorded at Miraval, France
Engineered and mixed by Julian Mnedelsohn
Engineers assistant - Jean Lamoot
Mastered at The Townhouse by Kevin Metcalfe

Special thanks to Boon, Elaine Carroll, Neil Conti, Genevieve, Paul Gendler, Annie McCaig, Steve Topping.
Road Crew - Roger Searle (Tour Manager), Howard Barrett, Eddie Butler, Martin Cole, Andy Ledbetter, Jon Lemon, Kerry Lewis, Glen Saggers, Paul Selwood.
Sleeve design by The Artful Dodgers
Photography by John Stoddart
Illustrations by Mark Hughes

Chart Performance

UK US Japan
#2 (11 weeks on chart) #128 (7 weeks on chart) Not known
Track Song Title Version Writers Length
1 Heaven In My Hands (M.King/R.Gould) 4:39
2 I Don't Know Why (M.King/R.Gould) 4.22
3 Take A Look (M.King/R.Gould/M.Lindup/W.Badarou) 4:41
4 Over There (M.King/M.Lindup) 3:59
5 Silence (M.Lindup) 4:56
6 Tracie (M.King/G.Husband) 4:53
7 Staring At The Sun (M.King/R.Gould/W.Badarou) 4:39
8 Two Hearts Collide (M.King/R.Gould) 4:10
9 Man (M.King/R.Gould/W.Badarou) 7:23
10 Gresham Blues* (M.King) 5:43

* Only available on the CD release

  • Bands come and go, but still Level 42 keep joggling along in their inimitable "fashion" - with those chunka-changgg keyboard parts and Mark King singing away about life and love in hos own earnest fashion. This time round the formula's changed a bit because they've got a new guitarist bloke in who gives it more of a rock "edge" (man). It's got it's "decent" bits (i.e. "Heaven In My Hands" and the rather good smoochful love song "Tracie" which will doubtless be a massive hit), but the fact is there are nowhere near as many good tunes on this LP as there were on their last incredibly successful one, "Lessons In Love". 4 out of 10, Michael Soutar, Smash Hits 4/10/88

  • Reviews of new Level 42 albums are beginning to get pretty predictable. The reviewer usually begins by begrudgingly admitting that the lads are undoubtedly talented and dexterous, and that they have done some good stuff in the past. She/he will then go on to complain about the move away from jazz-funk and instrumental diversions, towards very brief solos on increasingly honed, terse, pop-funk singles. After mentioning the singles (Heaven In My Hands, Take A Look) and the bonus track (Gresham Blues) the reviewer will then end by admitting to affection for the well-written and well-played music on the disc, but also to disappointment that the band seem so rut-bound. And I usually agree with them, don't you? Performance: 8 Sound: 8 by JC, Which CD - December 1988



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