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Phil Gould Biography

Welcome to the Phil Gould biography section.

               Name: Philip Gabriel Gould
   Date of birth:28th February 1957
 Place of birth: Hong Kong
 Marital status: Married
          Children: Lois
Previous jobs: Renting out deckchairs

Level 42 member: 1980 to 1987 and 1993
Instruments played: Drums
Other instruments played: Keyboards, percussion
Solo albums: Phil Gould on Drums (1999)
Other collaborations: Greyflood (1972-73), Joe Bear (1974-75), Robin Scotts                                          'M' (1979-80), Stephen Duffy - Music In Colours (1993)

In his early teens it was a case of whatever older brother Boon did then Phil would do as well. Both played in the same groups in their early teens before Phil joined the hippie movement in the mid 70's smoking grass and drinking tequila. It was during this period that Phil wrote his first lyrics (albeit most of them drug-induced). Phil quickly got friendly with then fellow drummer Mark and then with Mike at the Guildhall School of Muisc. Phil had pulled himself togther at this point and through his brother John at MCA Records met up with Robin Scott to play drums on two of his albums. After this he joined and formed Level 42 and the rest was history. Like his brother, he left the group in 1987 with ill health and concentrated on his biggest hobby - photography. He released his solo album in 1999 and has now formed a new group called Gould/Brown/Black who have recorded an album which has yet to be released.



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